Project Schoolhouse and CoLibrì Book Cover Systems North America Join Forces to Protect the Text in Rural Nicaragua

CoLibrì Book Cover Systems based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania recently extended their reach far beyond North American borders. In partnership with Austin, Texas nonprofit Project Schoolhouse, who builds schools and water systems in rural Nicaragua, CoLibrì  traveled to Rio Blanco, Nicaragua to cover donated books for schools built by Project Schoolhouse.

“Our schools are in remote villages with minimal government support. Even a small library is a luxury. Having CoLibrì there to cover our books means that what we’ve started will last. In a region with heavy rainfall most of the year, CoLibrì’s advanced covering process adds tremendous value.” said Tab Barker, Project Schoolhouse Executive Director.

Volunteer and Project Schoolhouse Board Member Selina Serna recounted the adventure. “Many of the schools have no road to them, so we hiked the CoLibrì System up muddy hills and through rivers. We also brought a generator because the schools have no electricity. The effort paid off as soon as the children gathered around as we presented their new library books. We covered every book and then many of the kids’s workbooks. Two of the older students were so fascinated by the machine, they took over the covering process.” She continued, “Books here are rare and treasured. Protecting them so more kids can learn from them and enjoy is so important.”

CoLibrì Systems is headquartered in Milan, Italy. Steve Orlando, CEO of CoLibrì’s North American operations said,  “We are growing quickly in the U.S. As we move forward, we are always going to give back. We call it “CoLibrì Cares”. Project Schoolhouse’s mission of “building foundations for eager minds” is right in line with what we and our customers believe in. In a place without computers and televisions, books provide the only way to explore new places, discover history and create previously unimagined possibilities.”

The Project Schoolhouse / CoLibrì Cover Systems partnership is a long term commitment which includes a corporate sponsorship component, book covering machines and CoLibrì covers at Project Schoolhouse locations in Nicaragua, and volunteer hours. “This reminded us all what treasures books are, especially for those that have so few. What Project Schoolhouse and CoLibrì have done is just the first chapter of a very exciting story about to unfold.” said Barker. Orlando agreed, “Our team and our customers are proud of what we are doing. It feels good sharing what you do well with those that need it most.”

CoLibrì Book Cover Systems is the leader in advanced book and document protection worldwide. CoLibrì Systems North America’s customers include the New York Public Library, Harvard University, The Metropolitan Museum of Art,  Detroit Public Library, MIT and school districts throughout the country. The CoLibrì Cover System offers customers the most advanced, highest quality book covering system available worldwide.  Patented by CoLibrì System S.p.A. of Milan, Italy, the easy and innovative system allows any type and size of book to be covered with the touch of a button. In as fast as 20 seconds, books have a sleek, clean, wrinkle and bubble free cover. Each cover is custom fit, non-toxic, durable and removable. Books are protected from spills, scratches, dust and germs – protecting the text and helping to more than double the life of the book. For more information go to or contact Alicia Smith at 512.917.6011.

Project Schoolhouse was formed in 2004, working to reduce poverty and inequality in rural communities by promoting literacy, basic education and improved health by building schools, community water systems and providing secondary education scholarships. Through investment in schools, students, and communities, Project Schoolhouse works to help rural communities  better advocate for themselves in changing regional economies and political systems. To date Project Schoolhouse has built eight schools, five clean water and sanitation systems and is providing scholarships for twelve very deserving children to continue their education beyond sixth grade. For more information go to or call Mindy Morgan at 512.651.5615