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Automatic One Touch Efficiency

e-DaVinci – Our Best Seller Covers Extra Large Books

e-DaVinci is custom designed using the efficiencies of the e-Leonardo to handle even the largest books with ease. Engineered to control temperature, timing and pressure for 100% accurate welding and trimming with the touch of a button. The patented e-DaVinci’s animated display provides easy step-by-step instructions and records the number of cuts the machine makes. Protects the text with no tape, no glue, no scissors, no mess.

e-Leonardo for One Touch Efficiency

Quickly cover large quantities of books wrinkle and bubble-free with CoLibrì’s patented e-Leonardo. The machine senses, checks, lowers, welds, trims and rises again with the simple touch of a button. Advanced digitally controlled sensors offer perfect results every time and the animated display makes it easy to learn and cover books with ease.

CoLibrì Custom Covers

Our covers are engineered to maximize machine performance and book protection. All are durable and non-toxic, 100% recyclable, and soft to the touch. The transparent covers protect books from moisture, scratches, dust, fading and yellowing – helping to double the life of your books. Covers are available in three base sizes and two thicknesses.

Document and Archive Pouches

The CoLibrì Cover System is perfect for protecting and storing children’s creations, photos, artwork, drawings, certificates, prototypes, CDs and DVDs. Our pouches are acid free, archive quality and PAT certified, providing an inexpensive, effective way to preserve and protect. They are available in sizes that range from A4 (8-1/4 x 12-7/8 inches) up to A0 (33-1/8 x 47-1/2 inches).

Small Paperback Book Covering

Standard Paberback Book Covering

Large Hardback Book

Archival Document Pouches